A Clean Work Environment Gets Higher Productivity
Let us help remove distractions from the office so that your staff can focus on achieving greatness

Systemised Office Cleaning
By specialist Commercial Cleaners

We even do apartment buildings!

A clean and organized office has a significant impact on employee productivity

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Regular Office cleaning By Commercial Cleaners Will help to Increase Staff Wellbeing and therefore boost productivity!

Scenario 1 - no office cleaners

Imagine this for a moment…

You walk into work with pressing work to get done but then you notice the desks are covered in dust and the computer monitors are covered in finger prints.

You cant help focusing on dirt and are quite distracted from your work. 

Then, you look up and see cobwebs, when you turn around you see the carpet still has yesterday’s dirty foot prints, how frustrating!  

You are struggling to concentrate, so you get up and walk to the kitchen make a coffee.

The handle on your favourite coffee mug is sticky! Now you need to wash your hands, but then you notice that there is no hand soap.

To top all that off, you open the office fridge and there’s milk spilt, and it stinks. What a terrible smell.  

Now, you just want to go home and are counting the hours, minutes and seconds till it’s home time. 

You start thinking of ways to call in sick tomorrow has consumed your mind.  

How much work did you actually get done today?

Scenario 2 - Quality Office Cleaners

Now imagine the opposite…

You walk into the office with pressing work to get done and stop to admire how it’s sparkling clean. 

Your mind doesn’t even focus on it after that, because you see your work colleges clearly though the glass doors who have arrived early. Like you, they needed their morning caffeine fix and had coffee ready to drink clean corporate kitchen. 

You grab your favourite mug, fill it with freshly brewed coffee and then add a dash of milk from the fridge which always seems remarkably clean. 

You have a little laugh and catch up on everyone projects and it’s not even 9am yet!

So you walk to your desk with a smile on your face, greeting everyone with a cheerful hello.  Once at your desk you sit down and pick up where you left off yesterday.  

You are focused. You are driven. You feel like you could even get the project finished today!
Cleaning didn’t even cross your mind because it should never have to.  The office space should always be light, bright and dust free. Everything should be clean and disinfected. 

With a clean corporate environment any employee would be feeling focused and happy.

Its obvious which scenario anyone would rather be in!

Unlike the rest, We Bill for Results Not For Hours!

Swift Office Cleaning Staff in Brisbane are task-based. That means their KPIs (key performance indicators)  are based on consistently doing the tasks required to ensure your office is indeed clean.  

Some of our Office Cleaners will take their time, and some will zip through quickly, but as long as the work is done to a high-quality standard every time. It will be like your office cleaners are almost unseen, but the job always gets done!

We understand the last thing you want to think about is what didn’t get cleaned. In our 10 years of experience, we’ve created a checklist for office cleaning success.

Our Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Deep Clean the Work Space
  • Detailed Regular Maintenance Cleaning
  • Systemised Quality Control and Reporting
  • Regular Communication
  • A Passional Happy Cleaning Team
  • Scheduled Quarterly Deep Cleaning

Safe Workplace & Quality Practices

Quality Disinfection Protocols

Systemisation Checklists & Procedures

Planned deep Cleaning Services

More Information About Our Office Cleaners

How much does quality Office Cleaning cost?

It all depends on your budget and your requirements. We are happy to send a customised pricing schedule to meet your budget. It will include a comprehensive list so there is clear communication on what gets done and when it gets done.

That means you only pay for the tasks that you need to be completed in the timeframe you want them completed.  We will performance manage the office cleaners at no extra cost so that your focus can remain on managing your team so you all get your work done.

Why use professional office cleaners?

To reduce the spread of harmful bacteria that can make you or your staff unwell and cause a high amount of sick leave taken. Our focus is keeping staff members healthy and well.  Happy, healthy people want to come to work, so this will reduce the amount of sick leave taken in a year.  

We include on our daily cleaning schedule high touch point disinfection.   We will focus on how to clean an office and the frequency of sanitation, so that you don’t have to.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Swift office cleaners are very responsive when there is an outbreak as well.  We have deep cleaning solutions that won’t damage your budget but will quickly and effectively remove the spread of disease overnight.

We offer Office Cleaning in Brisbane

In Brisbane, the Swift Office Cleaning team can be your best-kept secret. We have all of the Credentials you need too!

Swift Office Cleaning comes in after hours to clean up after a busy day at the office. 

Our office cleaners are almost unseen. With our attention to detail and passion for cleaning excellence, the systemised consistency of our office cleaning will take the distractions out of the office so that staff can focus on getting work done quickly.  

Office Cleaners With the Right Credentials!

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Police checked

All staff have police clearances to work in any commercial environment

Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaners

Fully Insured

We carry both 20 million public liability and Workers Compensation.

Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaners

Experienced Office cleaners

All staff are fully trained in cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising.

We don't bill in hours, we bill for the results that you want!

Our Happy Office Cleaning Clients


RCMG have been utilising Rachel and her Team (Swift Group Industries) and find them to be extremely professional, reliable and always eager to please. We know that when we call Rachel to provide her services (more often than most on short notice) we can rest assured that the tasks are completed well within the short time frames and to the utmost high standards. We have never had a comeback and receive compliments on a job well presented.
Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaners
Richard De Haast


I have been a customer of Swift Group for years. Rachel is absolutely outstanding. Her attention to detail and quality is unsurpassed, and her focus on customers is beyond compare. When I say this, I am thinking of all the businesses I deal with, not just the cleaning business.... I can’t recommend her strongly enough. Total confidence, total trust. I’m very happy to recommend Swift Group to anyone.
Marty Breen
Breen Productions and Studio


We love it when Rachel visits the office, our whole team want to talk to her. Her cleaners are super passionate about cleaning and we really do see the difference on a daily basis. Swift Group came highly recommended by Cae Ashton and we agree, people who love to be of service are easy to work with. Thanks
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