How to Get the Best Value from School Cleaning Services

Best Value School Cleaning Services Brisbane

School cleaning services are essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students and staff. To get the best value from these services, it is important to follow certain guidelines and tips.


Regular Communication for School Cleaning Services:

  • We ensure clear and open communication with the cleaning team and the staff at the school.
  • This helps in addressing any concerns or issues promptly
  • It also helps in setting expectations and ensuring that the school’s cleaning needs are met effectively.

Team Swift provide communication books in all areas to ensure all staff can have an open dialog with the cleaning staff on a daily bases.


Specify School Cleaning Requirements:

  • Clearly outline the specific cleaning requirements for the school
  • This includes areas to be cleaned, frequency of cleaning, and any special instructions
  • Providing detailed guidelines helps in ensuring that the cleaning team delivers satisfactory results consistently.

Team Swift provide comprehensive checklists that include daily, weekly, monthly and school holiday tasks to ensure full transparency at all times.


Ask for Customised Solutions for your School Cleaning Services:

  • Request customised cleaning solutions based on the school’s unique needs
  • This might include green cleaning options, specialised cleaning for sensitive areas, or specific cleaning products
  • Tailored solutions often result in better outcomes and value for money.

Team Swift have a large team of speciality cleaners at the ready should there ever be a need for an out the box solution required. All you need to do is ask.


Regular School Cleaning Inspections:

  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure that the cleaning services meet the desired standards
  • This allows for feedback and adjustments to be made as needed
  • Inspections help in maintaining the quality of cleaning services over time.

Team Swift train all staff to work autonomously and report anything that is broken, missing or requiring attention on a daily basis. While the team may work after hours we still have a supervisor who conducts regular quality control checks every 3 weeks to ensure the consistency of the service provided.


Value Quality over Cost when it comes to your School Cleaning Services:

  • While cost is an important factor, prioritise quality when choosing a cleaning service provider
  • A lower cost may sometimes translate to subpar cleaning service
  • Investing in quality cleaning services ensures a clean and healthy school environment for all.

Team Swift like to ensure value for money is at the forefront of any contact made with our schools.  We understand that our clients need to keep to their budget, and cheap is never the answer in the long term to ensure a consistent quality services is provided all year round.


By following these guidelines and tips, schools can ensure that they get the best value from their cleaning services and maintain a clean and safe environment for students and staff.










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