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Ask About Our Daily School Cleaning Services

So, What do school cleaning Staff actually do?

This is the most searched question on google, so let’s answer the question for you.

Our Swift school cleaning teams in Brisbane are task-based. That means their KPIs (key performance indicators)  are based on consistently doing the tasks required to ensure your school is clean and disinfected.  Some of our team will take their time, and some will zip through quickly, but as long as the work is done to a high-quality standard every time. It will be like the school cleaning staff are almost unseen, but the job always gets done!

We understand the Principle and Business Manager both have a focus on students’ education and learning opportunities. The Maintenance Managers’ focus is ensuring the buildings function at full capacity.  Therefore Swift School Cleaning Team’s focus is on ensuring there are no distractions in the classrooms so that the focus remains on Education and Learning.

To achieve the best results in making sure your school is cleaned the way you want it, our school cleaning staff have a “Policies & Procedures toolkit, which include:

Safe Workplace & Quality Practices

Quality Disinfection Protocols

Systemisation Checklists & Procedures

Planned Periodical Cleaning Services

More Information On Our School Cleaning Service

How much does quality School Cleaning cost?

That all depends on the schools budget and requirements. We are happy to send a pricing schedule that is customized to the schools budget. It will include a comprehensive checklist of what is included to meet your school requirements.

That means you only pay for the tasks that you need done in the timeframe you want them completed.  We will performance manage the school cleaning staff at no extra cost, so that your focus can remain on learning and education.

Why keep schools clean?

To reduce the spread of harmful bacteria that can make you or your students unwell and cause a high amount of sick leave taken. Our focus is keeping students, teachers and faculty members healthy and well.  Happy, healthy people want to come to school, so this will reduce the amount of sick leave taken in a year.  

We include on our daily cleaning schedule high touch point disinfection. Depending on the age of your students attending the school will depend on what the high touch point areas are.  We will focus on how to clean a school and the frequency of sanitation.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Swift School Cleaning staff are very responsive when there is an outbreak at the school as well.  We have deep cleaning solutions that won’t damage the budget but will quickly and effectively remove the spread of disease overnight.

Who keeps schools clean?

In Brisbane, Swift School Cleaning team does.  Let us be your schools best kept secret. They have all of the Credentials you need too!

Swift School Cleaning comes in after hours to clean up after a busy day of learning activities. 

Swift School Cleaning staff are almost unseen. With our attention to detail and passion for cleaning excellence, the consistency of the cleaning will take the distractions out of the classroom so that teachers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning.  

School Cleaning Staff With the Right Credentials!

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Our Periodical School Cleaning Services:

This is what we specialise in. We are fully licensed and insured for all the cleaning services we provide.  So even if we don’t do your daily School Cleaning services, we can still come in for your periodical cleaning services.  We work well with other cleaning companies to ensure we don’t disrupt their cleaning schedule or create any extra work for them.  We must ensure that we are only here to do the cleaning work they are not licensed to do.

That means we are happy to work on Weekends or School Holidays when the School Cleaning staff get the week off to ensure there is minimum disruption to their schedules.  We also work around holiday programs and after-school care facilities to minimise disruption to their needs.

Window Cleaning Services

We clean all the windows your regular school cleaning staff can’t reach because we have a working from heights license and carry the necessary equipment to reach the windows safely to clean them. We are also insured for this type of work.

The best policy when cleaning windows is less is best. We use as few cleaning chemicals as possible to clean windows. Therefore it’s all elbow grease and the right equipment.  We also find the windows stay cleaner for extended periods when done right.  So you only need to get the high windows cleaned once a year.

When you are ready to let the light in, give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Best time to clean the gutters is in Spring before the rainy season comes.  That would be ideal so that when the storms arrive you don’t have blockages in the gutters and pipes.  Because we have a working from heights licence we are able to get up on the roof and maintain your gutters on an annual basis to make sure that when it comes to storm season your roof, and gutter system are able to handle what the weather throws at them.

Quality service is our goal because we want you to book with us every 12 months. So we make sure the debris from the gutters and pipes don’t end up on the ground for your maintenance man to deal with.  We bag it up and take it away. It’s included in all our service packages.

We can also include in your service, roof cleaning to ensure we are removing the debris from the roof as well. This is something we will discuss with you when we visit your school and will be itemised in your quote. 

While we don’t offer tree maintenance services we can highly recommend Brisbane Tree Experts to assist with making sure trees are pruned, trimmed safely so that the tree will live a long life without causing any damage to the buildings.  They have all the specialised equipment and qualifications to manage your trees. 

Deep Bathroom Cleaning Services

Are your bathrooms smelly and your School Cleaning staff have tried their best to clean but they cannot get rid of the bad odours?  That’s because your School Cleaning staff cannot use the chemicals needed to get rid of the bacteria growing in the bathroom causing the smells.  You are probably at the stage where we need to use a machine that will do the hard work to restore the bathroom to a bacteria-free environment.

Included in our services is removing the toilet paper from the ceiling and walls.  While we do have graffiti removal chemicals, sometimes it’s just easier and more cost effective to paint after we have cleaned, but we are happy to advise your maintenance team the best way to remove graffiti during the year.

We can do a mold treatment as we understand in older buildings that buildings that don’t get as much sun will start to grow mold on certain surfaces. So happy to include mould treatment in our bathroom deep cleans.

Girls and Boys bathrooms get deep cleaned the same way with one exception, we use a different ph balanced chemical.  We will also include at no extra cost a sanitation chemical to kill any unwanted bacteria growing in the bathrooms that may cause students and teachers to get unwell.  This is already included in the service at no extra cost.

Urinal and Drain Cleaning Services

The most common reason for your bathrooms smelling is because there is a build-up of struvite in the drain pipes.  You only call a plumber when the maintenance team cannot unblock the pipes because they are expensive.  Let’s come in before it gets blocked and clean the urinals and drain system before it gets to the blockage stage. It will also get rid of the smell.  We use cleaning equipment and plumbing-grade chemicals by Momar to clear the pipelines of the build-up of bacteria that causes the bad smells.

We are happy to come in on weekends or school holidays to provide the service when it’s least disruptive to school programs, as the bathrooms cannot be used for 24 hours after they have been cleaned.  This allows the antibacterial chemical to be fully set in the pipe and/or the floors.

Strip and Seal

Vinyl classroom floors looking dirty? When was the last time they got a strip to remove the dirt build up off them?  Once you strip back the dirt build up, you need to protect the floors with a seal.  This will ensure your floors don’t get damaged by daily use. 

If you are getting lots of complaints that the floors don’t look clean, give us a call?  It might be time for a heavy duty scrub or it might be time for a strip and seal. Either way we use equipment and chemicals your daily School Cleaning staff cannot use to restore the floors to that clean look. 

Strip and seals should be done every 12 months to help the vinyl floors last the heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. But if you find your floors are getting that dirty look before then, we can come in and use our machine to deep clean the floors to lift the dirt a mop cannot do.  Some schools get it done at the end of each term or every 6 months.  We are happy to work with your budget and frequency.  

Young kids spend more time on the floor, we recommend 3 times a year to polish/buff the floors and a strip and seal once a year.  However older kids will eat outside on break times and sit at their desks. That means you could get away with once a year polish/buff floors and once a year strip and seal.  6 monthly service.  High School classrooms may only need the strip and seal once a year. 

Give us a call and book a time for one of our team to take a look at your floors, and give you a recommendation.  Obligation free quote for required services.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our reliable technicians offer the highest quality services at affordable prices.

With deep steam cleaning and deodorizing carpets in one easy service.  We also do basic stain removal at no extra cost.  We also have a chemical that lifts recent chewing gum and blue tack too. 

While we can’t always guarantee your carpets will look like new again we can guarantee we will do our best to get your carpets clean and sanitised. 

We also can do upholstery cleaning including bus seats and carpets.  Get in touch for a free no obligation quote. 

Pest And Termite Control Services​

Our specialised team of experts understand that schools need special attention when it comes to Pest and termite control.  In general, we treat, Cockroaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Spiders, Bees, Wasps, Silverfish, Birds, Ants, Rats, Mice. 

All our services also come with a satisfaction guarantee.  We ensure that when spraying or setting traps we make sure that it won’t be harmful to humans.  We normally carry out services after hours so that anyone that may have a reaction to the chemicals will not be affected by the spraying.  When we set bate traps we put them in locations that are not accessible to minors and least disruption to adults’ daily activities. 

The best time to get us in is at the end of winter, so that we can spray before pests become an issue at all.  Prevention is always more cost effective.   

Pressure Cleaning Services.

Do your buildings need cleaning on the outside?  Cleaning the outside of your buildings actually extends the life of your paint.  By keeping walls free of dirt, grime, moss and mould gives your paint a better chance of lasting longer.  If you have a read of the maintenance section on the paint can it says: to extend the life of your exterior paint work, make sure you clean the surfaces often, but a minimum of 12 months.

We offer a mixed service of pressure cleaning and soft washing buildings. Depending on the texture and material of your walls we want to make sure we clean the building not remove the paint or damage the surface.  All our external cleaning services include a mould treatment and removal process.

We can also clean sports courts, walkways, driveways etc. If it can handle the pressure cleaner we can clean it.

Depending on what needs to be done we have pressure cleaning machines that are soft enough to wash your car or take the paint off the car.  We are fully licensed and insured to work from heights and to safely remove mold from surfaces.

We also have a full range of chemicals that are ph balanced to clean without staining or removing paint from surfaces.  Depending on what is on the surface that you need removed will depend on the chemical we use.  Get in touch for a free consultation.

Watch this video by Mythbusters shows how quickly you can affect an area.

Decontamination Fogging Services

  • Have you had a virus outbreak at your school?
  • Kids and teachers calling in sick because they are too unwell to come in?
  • Your current School Cleaning staff have tried their best to clean, but everyone is still getting sick.

Give us a call before the health minister gives you a directive.
Disinfection cleaning is very different to what your regular School Cleaning staff do on a daily basis. Regular School Cleaning staff are limited in what chemicals they can use. They are also probably feeding the virus by overuse of chemicals they can access.

Your health minister will tell you to deep clean with bleach.  If you don’t entirely remove bleach off the surfaces you have disinfected, then you will create a superbug.  Meaning the bacteria will be chemical resistant, and your teachers and students will have worse symptoms than before.

But Why fogging?

You can deep clean with the product but that takes time and we cannot guarantee that you will not cross contaminate with dirty mops, cloths and cleaning gear.  Therefore fogging is the best way to kill viruses in the air and on the surfaces at the same time.

Our machines blows the chemical out of 3 nozzles up to 10 meters in the direction you point the machine in with a 60 Degree covering. This means it releases excessively large amounts of the product into the air allowing it to hit surfaces from ceiling, walls, windows, furniture, floors in a matter of seconds. This leaves an active antibacterial surface for up to 72 hours. For maximum effect we allow the buildings to sit for 2 hours + to ensure full effectiveness of the solution to take effect before allowing people back into the areas.  The chemical will be active for 72 hours after the fogging surface which will lower cross contamination by humans.  

"Fogging ensures all areas are treated effectively without human error!"

We use a First Responder Virus Killer in a fogging machine to come and decontaminate your school.  The fogging machine is 99% effective and can reach the ceiling. So we are killing the virus in the air and on any surface from the ceiling to the floor.  The chemical remains active for up to 72 hours afterwards so that means it will actively kill any newly introduced viruses to the area to stop the spread.

First Responder was patented 84+ years ago and has 6+ years of research and development to ensure its effectiveness in killing anything from all strains of influenza to all strains of the flu, without harm or compromise to the human immune system.

For more information on this service, don't hesitate to contact us.

Daily Cleaning is an essential part of our school and it gets done consistently to a high standard every day thanks to Swift School Cleaning
Ex-Principle of Autism Queensland
Once a year the Swift School Cleaning team come in and deep clean our school. It’s amazing to start the year with a very clean environment.
Business Manager at MaKenzie State special School
Over the last 4 years we have had to sanitise the school every end of term. Team Swift have been a reliable part of this process. Thank you.
Property Maintenance at Westside Christian College